Jay Long : My First Published Poetry Book

Ever since I was a child I have had a connection with pad and pen. I can remember as a  toddler, not quite 4 years old, grabbing a black felt pen and a yellow legal pad and mimicking my mother’s cursive writing. Some parents used the TV or toys to distract their children and keep them occupied, mine simply allowed me to scribble.  I guess for that reason alone, it’s no surprise I have always kept notebooks nearby – no matter where I am.  I have them by my bedside, in the living room, car, I take them with me when I travel and if I see them on sale, I buy them. Continue reading

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My Chinese Fortune Cookie is a Liar!

If yesterday was foreseen in a Chinese fortune cookie, it was completely wrong. I mean, I don’t really hold much value in the paper fortunes anyway but if I did, my faith in them would have been shattered.

“Something wonderful is about to happen to you.”

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Can Words Really Inspire?

I’m often told that the words I write or have written in the past are uplifting and on occasion, inspiring. I never really thought twice about it until recently when I saw a quick Facebook quote that read – ‘Don’t follow your dreams – Chase them!”.

I began to think about all the millions of words I’ve read and written. And even those that have been said to me personally and  really tried to pinpoint any that may have changed my life or had a deep impact on the way I live it. I thought about including song lyrics but decided that that would have to include the countless tunes that have helped me through every occasion of happiness and loss. You know those 80′s rock ballads that you play over and over immediately following a break-up or that party anthem that the entire bar shouts out every time it comes on? We all have our favorites but there are far too many to list and because each song lyric really has its own time and place I decided to leave them out. Continue reading

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